Programa de Doctorado GeoCEI


Welcome to the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Geotechnologies applied to Construction, Energy and Industry (GeoCEI) by the University of Vigo and the University of Salamanca.

This Interuniversity Doctoral Programme, proposed by the University of Vigo and the University of Salamanca is focused in the field of the Geotechnologies applied to key sectors such as are industry, energy and construction. This program combines the potential of the participating groups in previous doctoral programs. In particular, eight members of the team have worked in the doctoral program of the Environmental Technology (University of Vigo), distinguished from 2006-07 with references to quality and excellence of the Spanish Ministry of Education.


REGISTRATION - 2017/2018


From October 1st to 9th


The Geotechnologies covering different areas of knowledge transversely, so they can become key components for technological improvement and market competitiveness. Activities such as mapping, global satellite positioning systems, quantitative and qualitative evaluation in the execution and maintenance of works and buildings, or dimensional controling different fields of industry (ship building, automotive, aviation, etc.), or in fields related to energy (energy efficiency, wind, solarcontrol, etc.), are economically important activities in which this field of knowledge is called to contribute to its improvement.


  • To train researchers with a good science for the selection of technological solutions to problems related to Geotechnologies.
  • To train technicians that can easily access the both nationally and internationally labour market.
  • Strengthen the collaboration between the universities located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, so that this initiative can become the seed of abroader and stable cooperation for others teaching and researching activities.
  • Promote the exchange between all the participating universities. So that it can be come a stable network to cooperate and exchange of knowledge as well as other teaching activities.
  • Train doctorates to startan academic career at the University, both teaching and researching quality and permanent technological renovation in the field of Geotechnologies applied to the Construction, Energy and Industry.

Job opportunities

This doctoral programme develops and strengthens the training for specialists in Geotechnologies. The students trained in this doctoral programme may be incorporated into the labour market of Geotechnologies, because they will respond to the professional profile required by the companies and administrations. Gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information, is applied in fields as the Agricultural and Forest Engineering (it is a tool for agriculture and forestry monitoring and management), Transport Infrastructure (inventory, assessment, inspection and management of road and rail infrastructure and airports), Energy Efficiency (assessment, inspection and reduction of energy consumption in both the distribution network and in the end consumers), Industrial (control and structural analysis, modelling off actories, reverse engineering).

The Geotechnologies have a transversal and important interest in the mentioned fields and professions. From the point of view of professional output, the proposed doctoral programme is justified taking into account the wide range of professional fields in which the use of Geotechnologies is important: Agriculture, Geology, Meteorology, and Territorial Planning, Architectural Heritage, Analysis and Environmental Management, Water Management, Civil Engineering, Visualization Techniques, Exploration Geophysics, Improved digital image processing, research on new sensors, etc.