Teaching Staff in the PhD Programme

All the teaching staff in the PhD Programme are PhDs, even though some collaborations in certain specific activities which can be done by other people or professional according to their relevant scientific or professional collaboration in the corresponding field of knowledge.
It will be possible to incorporate academic staff to the Programme who are not from the University. In this case, the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme will certify their condition and will guarantee the necessary resources for this incorporations communicating it to the University.


Programme Mentors

The definitive admission of a student in a PhD Programme includes the mentor assignment, designated by the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme. The Mentor is one of the teaching staff who is permanently linked with the University and/or the collaborating entity in the PhD Programme. If a teacher in the Programme fulfils the requirements for being a Director and Mentor, he/she will take both roles, if it is the case.

The Mentor must develop a mutual collaboration with the PhD student, the director and with the co-director, if there is one, to achieve firstly the presentation of a PhD thesis project, the preparation and finally, the defence of this PhD thesis, according to the procedures and deadlines established in the current regulation.

The student mentoring work will be recognised as part of the teaching and researching work of the teacher.


PhD thesis directors

In a maximum of three months from the enrolment, the PhD Programme Academic Committee will assign a Director to each student, which may match the previously said mentor. The thesis director can be any Spanish or foreigner PhD, with accredited research experience, from any University, Centre or Institution.

The thesis director is the leading manager of the coherence and adequacy of the educational activities, the impact and novelty on its field, the thesis theme and the planning guide and its adequacy to other projects and activities in which the student takes part.