Thesis presentation and defence

The conditions, procedures and deadlines for the thesis defence processing in the University of Vigo are established on its PhD Programmes Regulation (modified in Governing Board meeting on February 7, 2017). All the information regarding this procedure is available in the Doctoral School web page.

You can find information on:

Handbook: stages for presenting the PhD thesis

Once the PhD thesis has been presented to the Academic Committee, it will evaluate if the merits included on it and the presented work deserve the authorisation to continue the procedure. In any case, it will be enough condition the inclusion on this thesis of a research work. They will also take care of the examining boards compositions and of the invited researchers being prestigious researchers in the work field.


Defended thesis

Object recognition in road and urban environments from massive datasets collected by mobile mapping sensors
09/03/2018 | Mario Soilán Rodríguez
Directors: Belen Riveiro Rodriguez, Pedro Arias Sanchez | International award

Geospatial data automatic processing and its final representation using machine learning techniques
27/10/2017 | Martín Rodrigo Bueno Esposito
Directors: Higinio Gonzalez Jorge, Joaquín Martínez Sánchez | International award

Desarrollo de un sistema SIG de gestión de carreteras basado en datos georreferenciados 3D de alta densidad (Development of a GIS road management system based on high density 3D georeferenced data)
21/07/2017 | María Rosa Varela González
Directors: Belen Riveiro Rodriguez, Higinio Gonzalez Jorge

Optimización de los sistemas y procesos de control de calidad de productos biomásicos residuales (Optimisation of quality control systems and processes for residual biomass products)
08/06/2017 | Juan Luis Rodríguez Somoza
Director: Luís Ortiz Torres

Structural assessment of masonry arch bridges by combination of non-destructive testing techniques and advanced numerical modelling
29/03/2016 | Borja Conde Carnero
Directors: Belen Riveiro Rodriguez, Pedro Arias Sanchez

New advances in 3D modelling of structural frames from LiDAR data: inspection and structural control
11/11/2015 | Manuel Cabaleiro Núñez
Directors: Pedro Arias Sanchez, Jose Carlos Caamaño Martinez | International award

Potencialidad del sistema GPR para aplicaciones militares y de seguridad (Potential of the GPR system for military and security applications)
27/07/2015 | Xavier Núñez Nieto
Directors: Henrique Lorenzo Cimadevila, Mercedes Solla Carracelas