Temporal distribution

8 hours distributed between the first or the second year, depending if the student is taking the full time or the part time option.


Details and planning

Regulated educational seminars on research competencies taught by teaching staff from the Programme, on the following topics:

  • Critical reading of a research article.
  • Databases and search of scientific articles.
  • Research ethics.
  • Planning and organising a scientific study.
  • Writing scientific articles.
  • Basic tools for preparing and editing texts.
  • Key aspects on the articles publications on scientific journals.

The language used will change depending on the teaching centre and on the attending students origin.


Control procedure

Students must develop an individual assessment, based on a practical case previously commented and including the key aspects studied in this seminar.


Actions and mobility criteria

Even though there are not specific mobility actions for this seminar, it can be taught in each university in the Programme, or, alternatively, jointly through video conference from one of the involved universities, it is intended to promote the attendance and participation of students enrolled in the Programme in the introduction to research seminars that take place in both universities, as this can be a first contact with the possible research lines in the Programme, which can be of interest for the learning researchers.