Activity Duration Type Description
Introduction to research seminar 20 hours Mandatory Regulated educational seminars on research competencies taught by teaching staff from the Programme.
Educational workshops 20 hours Mandatory Educational workshops in advanced geomatic techniques: geomatic type instrumentation, data acquisition, processing and interpretation procedures. Specific software use depending on the studied technique. The students of this programme will chose one of this workshops depending on the research line followed.
Scientific texts writing for submission and/or participation in congresses or technical conferences. 120 hours Mandatory Students participation in scientific national and international congresses is promoted. Students must have their research works evaluated by the scientific committees of those>
Preparation/publication of a research work 320 hours Mandatory This educational activity seeks students to develop advanced competencies in the scientific research articles writing, justified by the inclusion in international scientific databases.
Research work preparation / PhD thesis 960 hours Mandatory Students must develop their research work concluding into a document that will be submitted as the PhD thesis. To do so a work methodology must be designed and time planned, including the research objectives, the used methods, the results achieved and the analysis of these and the corresponding conclusions.
Research stays 160 hours/month Optional With a national or international research stay, the Programme seeks to develop group work and networks competencies, as well as interdisciplinary research skills.