Those candidates who present a technological profile (degrees in engineering, architecture, computer science), in accordance with the nature of the PhD Programme will have priority. If there are extra places, applicants with a profile out of the technological area could be admitted. The PPAC will evaluate and solve each admission.

The admission criteria, as well as the priority of the applications received for the PhD Programme, will be based on merit and ability criteria, paying special attention to aspects like:

  • Average mark of the academic record, both in the Bachelor’s and in the Master’s degrees.
  • Previous research experience, especially in the field of experience within the thematic area of the PhD Programme.
  • Professional experience.

The PPAC, or the Committee to which it delegates, will hold the meetings with the candidates, in order to clarify their merits.


Admission and enrolment procedure

Students fulfilling the entry and admission requirements can request the PhD Programme access, which can be performed in any of the participating universities, for which there will be a pre-enrolment deadline. This request can be submitted in the place given in each university in the general call of each university.

Once this deadline has arrived, the PPAC will publish the provisional list of admitted students, including the waiting teacher, following the selection criteria, given within the established in their programme.

Non-admitted applicants can submit a claim in the deadline and shape given in the corresponding call. Once the claim submissions deadline has passed, the admitted students list will be sent to the corresponding management board, to finish the enrolment process in the given period. If the enrolment process is not completed, the applicants will lose their rights.


Special educative needs students

The University of Vigo, in order to support students with any type of special educative needs and to promote a complete equality opportunities and their complete integration, started the Programme of Support for University Students with Special Needs (PIUNE) which focuses on the attention, welcome and counselling by the University Extension Service coordinated with the psych-pedagogical unit of the UVigo; help to the study and accompaniment for different activities by volunteers from the University of Vigo.
Similarly, the PPAC will analyses particularly the cases of special educative needs students derived from disabilities and will name a mentor to help them guarantee the competences achievement for a PhD level. If it is necessary, the PPAC will get a report from the mentor in order to adapt the necessary support and counselling services to evaluate the necessity of possible curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative studies.